Which are the laws of Happiness

Many people today believe they are looking for happiness, but their efforts only make them more and more unhappy. Some people try to show happiness from their facial expressions but deep inside their heart they feel very anxious and sad.


There are other kinds of people who keep planning for things that they believe can make them happy, such as marrying a good person and buying a new house etc.

They are like a boulder tumbling down a mountainside as long as they’re busy doing whatever distracts them from the truth. They blunder onward with no thought as to where they are headed, and bounce and react impulsively to the surrounding environment.

They believe that getting a house is the meaning of life. And they never bother to think of it until they feel empty inside, often decades later.

So… Are you happy?

It is important to know the answer to this question. Spending every day in such a way that makes happiness possible is life changing. Here we are going to share a few basic laws of happiness that make life-long happiness a gradual reality:-

Accept what cannot be changed:-

Try to concern yourself with those circumstance in which you can make some and try to avoid those in which you cannot change. The real secret is to recognize the difference between the things in which you can make a change versus those in which you cannot.

Change the circumstances on which you have control. And don’t care for those which you can’t control. Focusing too much energy on things that you cannot control will definitely lead you to the unhappiness, anxiety, and disappointment.

Always do the right things:-

Always do the right things and always do your best whether it’s with your career or personal life. Doing the right things help you make ethical decisions based on your core values.

Good karma in life is experienced by those who believe and follow this law. What you give, you get. By doing the right things you will discover that the universe will create a very happy and positive environment for you.


There is a huge difference between self-prioritization and selfishness. This means concentrating on things that are most important view. The needs of others can only be fulfilled by a self-fulfilled individual.

You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes too:-

You can’t properly protect yourself from anxiety without also protecting yourself from happiness. Light needs darkness to be light.