Activities for kids that will make them smile


Everyone wants the same things for their kids. They want them to grow up to follow their dreams, to love and be loved, to find success. Mostly, though, they want them to be happy. But let’s think upon it that how much control do we have on our children’s happiness?

You can create a safe, positive and happy environment for your children by applying these simple actions.

Put on a happy face:-

You must wear a smile on your face when you come back to home and find your kids running to you and share all the activities of their day in the school. You should put a smile on your face even if you’ve spent a tiring day at the office. It will make them feel that you are their best friend.

Their joy of having you around might disappear if you don’t pay attention to them or ask them to come later.

Play for fun:-

Playtime is the fun time. Do not start teaching them as for how they should play a game. Children can even be entertained with the cardboard boxes as they do not need expensive toys to have fun.

Do not reprimand your child if they have built a castle with building blocks that are not straight. Do not create any fuss for they little bruises or scratches they get. It’s all part of growing up. Keep their toys clean and let them enjoy as they want to.

Give them a choice:-

Giving them a choice that you give them whatever they want as you know that you have your own limitations. Offer them a choice with the things that are available.

If they ask you for a bedtime story, so instead of start telling them the story of your choice try to ask them about what kind of story they want to hear, either a jungle story or a funny story.

Clothing is also an option where you can give them chance to choose what they want to wear. And the most important things are to give them space if they want to be alone.

Don’t brush off your child’s concerns:-

Build the confidence in your child to speak to you whenever they want and share anything disturbing without any hesitation. Brushing off the feelings of your child and ignoring them will develop a habit in your child of keeping their feelings inside and never express them to you. So being a good listener is very helpful in dealing with children.


Children feel happy, safe and loved when their everyday expectations are met. Children who are neglected are the unhappiest of all. You don’t need to be worried about your poverty in this regard. Being unable to provide the precious things to your child never mean that you are not doing your best. Wealth can never be compared to the happiness, especially for children.

Children don’t expect the expensive gifts from you. They just want you to care for their happiness.